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Simple yet powerful political texting database

Voter Records

The 1631 Digital database gives you access to over 190 Million voter records to match for your campaign, issue or message.

Our team can segment lists to provide the best possible targets to reach in your district.

Up to date refinement includes a cross reference against the national change of address (NCOA) database and deceased voter lists.


1631 Digital’s constituent data can break down audiences in a very particular, granular way. Let our team design a plan to reach your constituents and donors in an efficient and effective way. Run counts for any level – congressional district, city level, state legislatures, agencies and Governors races.



1631 Digital data team vets each record to provide the latest and greatest information for your message from each voter file. This process of refinement will give your campaign the confidence to reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

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